Revenue Assurance Programs

Hi Impact - Customized Training

Get Everyone Focused on the Same Goals - Revenue, Profit & Success!

Trained, competent professionals are critical to efficiency of your organization. However, travel expenses and time away from the
office often limit who can attend training. So, how do you provide relevant  training for your professionals without emptying
your budget?

Private, onsite training is the perfect option for organizations that need a cost-effective way to train a large number of employees all at once and to syncrhonize and coordinate their efforts. 

The cost per student is lower than the cost of a public class, you can tailor the content to your specific needs, and class is scheduled around your schedule, not ours. We also work with you to meet your schedule and location requirements minimizing time away from work for your key staff.

Benefits of Onsite Training

Cost Savings
Onsite training eliminates travel expenses and reduces time away from the office. And typically the cost-per-student is significantly less than the cost of individual registrations.

Dedicated  Expert Teacher 
All GRAPA onsite training is provided by Rob Mattison, President of GRAPA and noted industry expert in these areas. All onsite programs are prepared to your specific requirements and based upon your business objectives. 


 Curriculum and Delivery

Our team works with you to deliver specific  course content and certification testing

to focus on your unique business needs, adjusting topics especially if time is a constraint and you only have a limited time for course delivery.

Holistic Approach

For the telco to be effective, all departments must understand how the management of revenue assurance efforts is crucial to maintaining profits. While this means the RA team has to lead the way, it also means other departments need to internalize revenue management principles as well. 

The biggest problem that managers face in telecommunications is SEP-The Somebody Else's Problem syndrome. Because of the complexity when problems arise they assume that someone else is supposed to fix it. When this happens operational problems that should be easily fixed can turn into major roadblocks which greatly hamper progress and slow down change.

Customized Programs Based on Your Needs

  • Making your entire team Revenue-Centric
  • Roaming Operations Workshop
  • Interconnect and Bypass Fraud Workshops
  • Starting a New RA Department
  • RA Systems Selection
  • FM Systems Selection
  • Fraud Alerts/Alarm Management
  • New Billing Systems Implementation
  • LTE Launch/Support
  • 4G Launch Support
  • 3G Launch Support
  • Satellite Operations Revenue Assurance Roadmap
  • Internet Service Provider Revenue Assurance Roadmap
  • Fixed Line/Corporate Services Assurance

By hosting one of our On-site Training and Certification Events, you too can ensure that everyone is focused on the same goals- ensuring you profit and revenue!

On-site training is an effective way to develop the skills of your employees, build team identity, and promote the practice of revenue assurance, security and profit optimization within your organization. Our training creates a shared vision of profit and revenue assurance for your management, finance, and operations teams. It provides your team and organization with consistent vocabulary and approach.

On-site training aligns operational managers and equips your financial management and internal audit teams with the tools to drive revenue assurance activities across the organization.

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Cross disciplinary training that gets result!

GRAPA has assembled the industry’s largest collection of best practices training & certification for the business side (not network engineering) of the telecommunication industry. (Including... GSM, Cable, Fiber, Satellite...)

Our five schools of telecommunication best practice have assembled over 500 hours of training covering:

  • Revenue Assurance
  • Fraud Management
  • Finance & Audit
  • Marketing and Product Development
  • Emerging Billing and Operations Technologies

Our proven custom curriculum development methodology allows us to apply our experience and knowledge of best practices across these disciplines in order to provide you with a cross disciplinary program that solves your biggest operational roadblocks, streamlines your revenue management process, and optimizes your profit making potential.

Customized training programs will be assembled based upon information you provide to us through a series of surveys. By hosting one of GRAPA’s On-site Training and Certification Events, you too can ensure that everyone is focused on the same goals- ensuring your profit and revenue!