4G/LTE Revenue Assurance Check-Up
3-Day Crash Course

This 3 day crash course is designed to provide the RA team with 3 things.
1. First - an exhaustive review of the many different components and operating principles of the new generation of network, data delivery and billing/policy enforcement that make up todays NGN/4G Operational commercial environment. 
2. Second - an intensive look at the complex and ever changing world of new service offerings and product design principles that drive marketing teams, and create unique new challenges for the RA team to face. 
3. Third - (Optional) At the direction of the RA Manager, we can provide and exhaustive AUDIT/REVIEW of your organizations current revenue maximization readiness, helping you to identify key areas where the RA team can provide insight and innovation that can help the organization realize more revenues and better profits from the new generation of 4G/LTE services being launched. 
  • Our 3 Day Workshop and Briefing will help your team "dig out" hidden revenue opportunities within your 4G/LTE environment.
  •  It will give you the assurance that everyone on your team is aware of the opportunities for extra profit that good revenue assurance practices can deliver. 

Certification Awarded: "Certified 4G Revenue Assurance Engineer"

This course provides students with:   

1. An exhaustive review of all of the new billing components, network components and architecture components that make 4G/LTE Different than 3G and 2G  

2. A review of the functionality of PCRF, PGW, SGW, BBERF and all of the other new policy and charging applications that make 4G Work  

3. A best practices review of revenue assurance methods proven by the worlds leading 4G/LTE operators

The course is organized into 5 days. Each day consists of 6 hours of lecture and 2 hours of hands on workshops.

 ►How to find leakage in a 4G/LTE Environment 

 ►How to build controls to assure Convergent billing systems, PCRF Policy enforcement engines , IMS services, OTT, M2M, and IOT services. 
►4G/LTE New Product Development Controls 
►A fresh look at the new risks embedded in Interconnect, Simbox, Roaming partnerships 
►How to establish Policy, Pricing and Enforcement lifecycle management controls 
►How to reorganize your team to better address 4G/LTE Leakage risks 
►How to find ways to increase company profits by located leakage and recovering revenues 

  • Revenue assurance teams commissioned to support 4G/LTE products and services but with little technical training , support or operational guidance for how to build an efficient revenue assurance support framework. 
  • Teams just getting started with 4G/LTE product support. 
  • CFO, CEO, Audit Teams and Risk Management Executives that want to be sure that all RA risks are being appropriately addressed