GRAPA Certification Offers Worldwide Recognition

The GRAPA – School of Marketing & Product Development is an innovative new approach to the professionalization of the design of new products and services, and the revolutionary new frontiers being opened in the marketing and promotion development areas.


The telecoms, datacoms and broadcast industry has for years, suffered from a serious lack of training and support for the marketing and product development people that are responsible for designing, architecting, pricing and promoted the revolutionary new products and services being launched every day.

Marketing and New Product Development teams are the visionaries that convert the tremendous potential that our new technologies represent into profitable service offerings.

While there are plenty of generic training classes in the “THEORY” of product design and marketing, the modern marketing and product designer has no resources to turn to when it is time for them to get assistance in the best practices of how to best approach their challenging and interesting jobs.

While network engineers can receive hundreds of hours of training in how to make a new technology functional, marketing and product developers are left up to their own devices when it comes time to figure out how best to make those technologies pay.

The GRAPA School of Marketing & New Product Development was created to address this fundamental need in the industry.

The training courses and programs provide students with an exhaustive overview on what it takes to MAKE TECHNOLOGY PROFTIBLE. Learning about how other successful marketers are approaching the challenges that these new technologies present, and figuring out how to “thread the needle” of tradeoffs between commercial requirements vs technical possibility is what makes the job interesting, and what makes this training so valuable.

Certification programs are defined by discipline and technology set so that the professional can best approach the information that they need to master.

Disciplines Supported include:

  • Product Design
  • Pricing
  • Rate Plan / Service Plan Design
  • Promotion and Program Development
  • Segmentation and Analytics
  • Churn Management and Customer Loyalty
  • Specific Technologies Supported include:
  • Lines of Business and Technologies Supported include:
  • Voice Roaming – GSMA
  • Data Roaming – GSM/CDMA/LTE
  • Data Roaming – WiFi / WiMax
  • Voice Interconnect – International, Domestic
  • SMS – Local , International
  • LTE/4G – GSM Next Gen
  • Broadcast – Cable, Satellite, LTE
  • OTT – Over the Top Service Management
  • M2M – Machine to Machine products and services
  • IOT – Internet of Things