GRAPA Certification Offers Worldwide Recognition


The GRAPA – School of Emerging Billing & Operation Technologies is an innovative new approach to the professionalization of Information, Communications and Technology billing services delivery.

The telecoms, datacoms and broadcast industry has for years, suffered from a serious lack of training and support for the billing professionals that actually convert technical possibility into revenue reality.

Emerging Billing & Operation Technologies Provisioning and dozens of other specialty jobs define how our products and services are actually delivered and billed to customers with integrity and competence, and yet ,NO ORGANIZATION HAS EVER SET OUT TO PROVIDE THIS PROFESSIONALS WITH TRAINING IN HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS BETTER.

It is ironic that network engineers can receive hundreds of hours of training in how to make a new technology functional, but the billing, customer service and support personnel that are responsible for making sure that it gets delivered successfully are provided with NO TRAINING AT ALL.

The GRAPA School of Billing Operations has been created to address this fundamental weakness.

The training courses and programs provide students with an exhaustive overview on what it takes to MAKE TECHNOLOGY PROFTIBLE, Billable and accurate . Each course focuses on showing the operations professional how the complex technologies that define their service offering are harnessed, managed and monitored in order to result in a smoothly running, profit generating organization.

Certification programs are defined by discipline and technology set so that the professional can best approach the information that they need to master.

Emerging Billing & Operation Technologies – covered include:

  • Mediation,
  • IN, Voucher Management Systems,
  • Convergent Billing,
  • Radius/Diameter,
  • SNMP and
  • Bespoke billing solutions.

Lines of Business and Technologies Supported include:

  • Voice Roaming – GSMA
  • Data Roaming – GSM/CDMA/LTE
  • Data Roaming – WiFi / WiMax
  • Voice Interconnect – International, Domestic
  • Internet/Data Interconnect – Tier 1,Tier 2, Tier 3, GRX, CRX, WRX
  • Content Acquisition – Programming and Bundling
  • SMS – Local , International
  • Broadcast – Cable, Satellite, LTE
  • OTT – Over the Top Service Management
  • M2M – Machine to Machine products and services